Kaalathai Kadanthu Vaa (Tamil)


This is an imaginary story for the young generation about how the last days will be.

It is based on the old imaginative concept of the Time Machine. The hero enters into the future with the help of time machine facing the last days dictator and the last days World will capture the readers attention. This will surely picturize the coming days within the readers thou this is imaginary. Come, let us go the round into journey of the last days.


Jebikkalaam Vaanga (Tamil)

Cost: Rs. 100.

Prayer is essential for the believers in these last days. It is the key for protection from the coming catastrophic events. This book will stir your heart to stand in the gap and intercede for your nation.

Mudivukku Munn

Cost: Rs. 100.

A book that will create awareness and gear you up to be prepared for what will take place in the world in these final lap of the times in which we’re living in. TIME WILL DELAY NO LONGER!

End-Times Warnings (English)

Calamities; catastrophes; disasters. The list of woes doesn't stop there: wars, earthquakes, pestilences, famines, anarchy. What is happening to the Earth, we all wonder?

Take heart. These are all but signs - warnings that we are living in the end-times, just as the Bible has foretold.

The author has carefully listed the warnings that we must look out for in these end-times. The Lord does not want us to be ignorant. He has made a way of escape for us: Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man (Lk 21:36).

The reader is called to carefully consider the warnings given in this book in order to escape from the coming end-times calamities.


Raising A Company of Prophets (English)

These are the days for the fulfillment of this prophecy. In this book you will learn how God is about to raise up an end-time prophetic company. You will learn what is involved in the making of a prophet and what are the unique gifts and special anointing that God is going to give to this end-time prophetic company.....


Vethagama Thunukku Saithigal (Part 2) (Tamil)

There are many witnesses to prove that the Bible is trustworthy. “VETHAGAMA THUNUKKU SAITHIGAL“ is a book that makes these into small messages and explains them


Aazhangal Sollum Saatchigal Part - 1 (Tamil)

It speaks about the cities, people and incidents of the Bible with the evidence of the archeological discoveries.

Aazhagal Sollum Saatchigal Part - 2 (Tamil)

Do the depths speak? A compilation of the witnesses of the abandoned cities and goods that are the evidences for the truthfulness of the Bible.


Yecharikhai Seithigal (Tamil)

A book of caution with the dangerous changes that happen around us like, death that is hidden in the air, increasing acts of the satan and the world that is contained within numbers


Thallubadiyaagama Kathaigal (Tamil)

A story-form compilation of the incidents that are related to the Bible, but are not part of the Bible. It is just for the knowledge of the new generation.

Kadaise Kaala Aabathukkal (Tamil)

The end time of the world will be dreadful. It explains the scientific reasons behind them and the ways in which people can escape from them, with a Biblical background.

Vethagama Thunukku Saithigal (Tamil)

There are many witnesses to prove that the bible is trustworthy. “VETHAGAMA THUNUKKU SAITHIGAL“ is a book that makes these into small messages and explains them


Vethagama Jaathigal (Tamil)

A compilation of the life records of the people of the past and the life lessons of the present people.

Prasanga Beedam (Tamil)

This book is a compilation of different message notes of the Bible for the use of the young ministers who have gone out to preach the message of grace, for the students of Theology and for the passionate people who meditate on the Bible deeply

End-Time Catastrophes (English)

Chapter 1 - The Signs Of The Waves
Chapter 2 - Debris In The Sky
Chapter 3 - El-Nino Dread!
Chapter 4 - Earthquakes Everyday
Chapter 5 - Sullying In The Sun!
Chapter 6 - A Way Of Escape

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